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Anonymous sent: I just found your blog and I love it! I've always been a fan of hedgehogs, and hope to get one when I'm a little older :) (if where I am allows it, that is).

Thank you! I hope you can get a hedgie of your own in the future. :)

Another vid. The little girl being sleepy after her bath and some food. It’s amazing how sweet she is considering all she’s been through!

Rescue girl in the tub… I didn’t even start scrubbing her yet! She was so, so dirty. Her quills were sticking together and she smelled horrible. She’s not completely clean yet but I got most of the filth off. What a difference!

angelicourt replied to your post: Vet update! It’s looking good so far, …

Are you planning on keeping her? I know she would thrive under your wonderful care!

I don’t know yet. I would love to keep her because she is an adorable girl and very sweet. But I don’t know if she was abandoned or if she escaped, so I will put up an ad to see if someone is missing her. I don’t think they do… but it’s worth a shot.
If no one comes to claim her I will either have to keep her or find her a good home. It depends on how she’s doing as well. I had breeding plans but I don’t have a ton of space, so with another hedgehog living here I might not be able to breed… but I’d rather give a rescue a good home, so we’ll see how it goes.
And thank you, I’m trying to give her the best care I can!

Vet update! It’s looking good so far, she only seems to be weak (not paralysed) and malnourished, just like I thought. But otherwise she’s doing pretty well. Nose, eyes and teeth look good and her reflexes are working like they should. Fleas and mites were jumping and crawling everywhere so she got a few drops of Revolution. She pooped in her carrier and it didn’t look that bad, more brown than green but she still got meds against internal parasites (worms) just to be sure.
I gave her a bath when we got home to get at least some of the dirt off her. She looks a lot better already now she’s clean(er)! The area around her genitals is a bit raw and red, most likely urine burn, but it’s just a small spot.
She’s such a little trooper and a total sweetheart! Barely huffs and puffs (although she wasn’t too happy at the vet). Really hoping she’s going to pull through!

After her last feeding, we’re heading to the vet now!

After her last feeding, we’re heading to the vet now!

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What is she eating?

Hill’s a/d, it’s food for sick cats, it gives them a boost. It works well for sick and malnourished hedgehogs too and it’s easy to use for syringe feeding.

Anonymous sent: If she's passing green poo, then you need to get that looked at asap because it can be a sign of worms. The last thing you need is breathing difficulties from lungworm

Green poop is usually caused by stress and/or an upset stomach but I am taking her to the vet tomorrow (it’s midnight here now) to get a full check-up. Her breathing seems good so far, but I think he’ll give her something against parasites just to be sure. I’ll mention it. Thanks for your message!

Here’s a video of the little rescue girl. As you can see she’s very dirty. Had to refill the syringe, at least she’s eating well! You can see how weak she is at the end of the video, she just falls over. But she is so adorable!

Rescue hedgehog… This poor little girl was most likely dumped (or she might have escaped, but no one has claimed her yet) and someone found her in their garden. She was brought to a local animal rescue and they put a picture of her on their FB page asking what kind of hedgehog she was; African pygmy hedgehogs are very rare here so most people have never seen one in real life. The wild hedgehogs we have look very different.
A friend of mine send me the link and I contacted them. They had no clue what to do with her, she was at a vet who didn’t know much about APH either and they thought her back legs were possibly paralysed because she can’t walk.
They brought her to me this evening and I am going to take her to my experienced vet tomorrow.
She is malnourished, extremely dirty (the smell is horrible!) and very weak. I do not think her back legs are really paralysed, they seem to be working but she can’t walk. It might be because she is just too weak to stand.
But she is eating her Hill’s a/d food like a champ which is a good sign! She pooped a little as well (on herself…) and while it is green and soft, it’s better than nothing; at least her digestive system seems to be working.
She is very lucky because the last couple of days have been so warm (although there has been quite some rain too).
The rescue centre tried so hard to help her and I hope she is going to make it. Fingers crossed!