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Anonymous sent: Can you make a video of pronouncing all your hedgies names please?

You can listen to the pronunciation of their names here  (without my accent…)

kenzie-sweetpea sent: Can I politely demand the most hilarious, spirits-raising photo of one of your precious land-urchins? I've had a terrible day work and I need something to cheer me up

Sorry for the late reply but I wasn’t at home this weekend. I hope you had a good one! And better late than never, so here are a couple of my favourites for you:





dominofae replied to your post “How many pets do you have?”


I posted a picture of her last week, but if you want to see more here’s her tag

withthesalt-onmyskin sent: How many pets do you have?

3 hedgehogs, 1 short-tailed opossum & 1 crested gecko

It has been a while since I posted a pic of Shiva 😙

It has been a while since I posted a pic of Shiva 😙

Here’s a hedgehog running. In slowmo. Because of reasons.

It… will… fit..

Anonymous sent: Out of all your current hedgies, which one is the most social one?

I’d say Týr, but when I got him he wasn’t social at all. Skaði is the least social of the three, but I don’t think it’s very fair to compare her to Týr since I only got her last June.
Iðunn is surprisingly social for a hedgehog who was found outside but I had to syringe feed her three times a day so I have handled her a lot and at a time where she really needed help. I think she would be the most social hedgehog when it comes to other people though, since Týr isn’t very fond of others.

muchamujer replied to your post: What a little love, food and a warm ca…

Oh! Congrats on your work, love and dedication. They’re so lovely! How much time has passed since you finde her? She looks beatiful :)

Almost 7 weeks now (time flies!) And thanks!

What a little love, food and a warm cage can do - Iðunn when I first got her and today. So proud of this little fighter!